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Where can I watch Think Like A Man Too



Decent quality. Torrentz?

Kick ass torrent might have it

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What I don't understand, is how people can admire Amy winehouse. Yes , she was a talented singer, but she was riddled because of the drugs, and died as a result. She brought it onto herself and I have no sympathy for her or any other drug user who dies of their actions. This is why drugs are illegal yet people still insist 'it's not going to harm me'. People are fucking stupid at times.




That is a ridiculous, horrific and grotesque thing to say. Firstly, I’m a firm believer in not speaking ill of the dead, she was a person with friends, family and loved ones, do not dehumanise her. Secondly what people like you seem to forget is people have tough lives, people go through different situations and find escape through different things. I firmly believe that if it was your mother, daughter, sister, and they ended up hanging out with a group of people and took drugs and got addicted & passed away, you would hate anyone who had an opinion like yours.

Also, of course she knew it was going to harm her. However, she didn’t die of a drug over dose, at all. She started drinking to come off the drugs, she was clean, it was in her autopsy. She also suffered severe damage from bulimia.

Stop blaming individuals for cultural socialisation. People don’t just become ‘poor’ or become ‘drug users’ or become ‘alcholohics’ 99% of the time that person grew up with a drug user, or went through tragedy or it was normalised in there group of friends. Your opinion is ignorant, and therefore stupid. Please don’t speak ill of a young woman who died before her years in my inbox, I find it sickening. 

So interesting that people, and society in general, don’t question where this moralistic contempt for drug users comes from, why drugs make a person ‘bad’ or undeserving of humanity, or why drug users are simultaneously blamed for their supposed lack of self control as well as being entirely to blame for making the ‘choice’ to take drugs.

Yassss, this is why I love this girl.

Where can I watch Think Like A Man Too

Decent quality. Torrentz?

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